Resident Mark Alexander stand in = Good2Groove

Shine were so impressed with Good 2 Groove's stand in DJ performance for Mark Alexander, they've actually invited them back to stand in for Garry Dabill, the main room warm up DJ, however G2G will still warm up in The Loft like last time to compliment our brilliant residency outfit upstairs. Yet Richard Gill aka Gilly from Bradford will play a stand in warm up in the main room in place of Mark Alexanders compassionate leave of absence due to personal circumstances post to a family bereavement. 

So for now check out this  GOOD2GROOVE - LIVE MIX exclusively released a few days ago. Also while you're in the mood for a similar sound of unique warm up style's, listen to RICHARD GILL - LIVE MIX at Leeds club night called House Train. This is a temporary measure until, he deliver's a promotional set, promised in the very near future to compliment his flavor expected on Saturday 2nd July at Leeds Warehouse in support to Kevin Saunderson, Robert Owens, K-Klass, John Kelly & Buckley.

This is the same show G2G will be presenting their phenomenal skills again. SHINE can quite honestly say these stand in DJ choices were very wise choices indeed, considering the shoes they after fill while replacing Mark Alexander & Garry Dabill, who are both long term residents at Shine, so Shine can proudly say they've taken great pride in carefully picking the selected DJ's from outside of Leeds base, a risk within itself. Which Shine feel fully confident on this. Please visit the forthcoming FACEBOOK EVENT page, join, engage & keep updated with all the new news coming through there...