EASTER: Photo Album + Allister Whitehead DJ Set

Ahead of Shine's Official Video release by Clubaholic's Film & Photography Crew, from Easter Sunday at Leeds Warehouse which still happens to be under edit perfection construction but once the completion stage is reached, get ready for what will feature Allister Whiteheads formal interview with the music taster he spun on the night.

For now here is his live DJ Set from Easter played alongside CeCe Rogers's live mic & key's show & the DJ's on the Main Room decks duty was Chicago's Marshall Jefferson, Terry Farley plus Buckley, a New Resident at Shine. So guys and girls, here goes for now, check out the outstanding ALLISTER WHITEHEAD - LIVE MIX & take a guess, which track from his set will be featured on the forthcoming video, suiting the night & theme's of forthcoming Shine nights, scheduled into 2016? 

Click link to capture yourself amongst the array of PHOTOGRAPHS amidst the very varied snaps taken to remind us all of what a spectacular night the SHINE EASTER SUNDAY 2016 was which we all enjoyed together at Leeds Warehouse. Again, pictures are from Clubaholic's photography department so expect nothing less than top quality, happy viewing & thank you for your continued support!!